Kewford Eagles FC – Tournament Rules 2024

Start of Play: You cannot score directly from kick-off, if a player does shoot from kick off this shot must take a deflection from a defending player to be counted. If a deflection does not occur, then a goal kick will be given.

Retreat Rule: Retreat rule for age groups U9 and below. These age groups must therefore retreat to their own half until the ball is back in play from a goal kick. There is no retreat rule for U10 and above. 

Pass-Backs: No pass-backs allowed. In-direct free kick given if a pass-back is made.

Free Kicks: All age groups must be 5 yards from all free kicks. Only pass-back free kicks are in-direct, all other free kicks are direct.

Throw-Ins & Corners: Standard throw-ins and corners for all ages. Defending players must be 5 yards from corner kick and 2 yards from throw-ins. The ball must be placed within 1 yard of the goal-line and touch-line for a corner kick.

Play within the penalty area: Play is allowed within the goal area, meaning both defenders and attackers are allowed in the area. The goalkeeper can leave the area but cannot handle the ball outside their area. A direct free kick is awarded if the goalkeeper handles outside the area.

Goalkeeper returning ball into play: When the ball is still in play, goalkeepers can kick, roll or throw the ball back into play in 7v7 or 9v9, however goalkeepers playing 5v5 can only roll or throw the ball back into play. After the ball has gone out of play, goal kicks can be taken from edge of the area as standard. The ball is in play from the moment the goalkeeper plays the ball and does not have to leave the area.

Offside: The offside rule is not in operation at the tournament.

Penalty Kicks: At the knockout stages (quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final) 5 players who were on the field of play when the game finished will be selected to take the penalties. This means in 5v5 the 5 players will automatically be taking the penalties, while 7v7 and 9v9 teams will select 5 players each. If scores are level after the 5 penalties, the same players will then take another penalty in the same order.

Duration of Play: Matches are 11 minutes one way, meaning there is no half-time. Matches will be started and stopped on the referee’s whistle, which is initiated via a klaxon from pitch control. Quarter-finals and semi-finals will go straight to penalties if scores are level at the end of the 11 minutes. The final will be 8 minutes each way, meaning a total of 16 minutes. If scores are level at the end of the 16 minutes then the game will be decided on penalties.

Point Scoring: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. If points are level then goal difference will decide, if teams have the same goal difference then goals scored will decide, if the same number of goals are scored then a sudden-death penalty shoot-out will decide the winner.

Misconduct: Any player who has received 1 red card or has received 2 yellow cards will not be allowed to take further part in the tournament. The committee reserves the right to withhold any trophy or take appropriate action deemed suitable. All other Football Association rules apply.

Please note that there are no head-height rules and sinbins are not in use in the tournament.