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Covid-19 Symptoms

Matchday Practice (inc. Training where applicable)

Social Distancing

Treatment of Injuries


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Track & Trace

• All supporters attending Eagle Park for both training and game play are requested to comply with NHS Track & Trace guidance. This is to be done by scanning an QR code using the NHS Covid-19 App. There are QR Codes at the side of each pitch of Eagle Park, with additional scan points being located by the toilets and café areas. Managers and coaches to make themselves available


FA Guidance – Page 5, 6
Latest Government Guidance


Use of QR Codes located around Eagle Park.

Download NHS COVID-19 App


Anyone failing to comply with the track & trace at Eagle Park will be requested to leave the ground. Obviously, managers and coaches are volunteers and will be unable to enforce this request. However, failure to comply will be reported to the committee for further discussion and any possible action required.

COVID-19 Symptoms

• All players, officials, volunteers and spectators must undergo a self-assessment for any Covid-19- symptoms. No-one should leave home to participate in football if they, or someone they live with, has any of the following:
o A high temperature (above 37.8°C);
o A new, continuous cough;
o A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste.
• This check should be done before each training session and or game. It is important to note that no training session or game should take place without this having been done. Should an individual have demonstrated any such symptoms, they must not participate.


FA Guidance – Page 5, 6


Managers and coaches are to regularly remind and enquire that symptom checks are being undertaken for each player.


Arrival at Eagle Park indicates to the team manager and/or coaches that these checks have been undertaken and the player is fit and well for training and or game play.


Matchday Practice (inc. Training where applicable)

• Handshakes
• Team talk huddles
• Warm-ups/cool-downs
• Coaches, other team staff and substitutes
• Match preparation meetings
• Set plays
• Goalposts & Corner Flags
• Goal celebrations
• Interactions with referees and match assistants
• Small-sided football
• Face coverings
• Use of equipment
• Shouting
• Ball Transfer
• Personal Hygiene


FA Guidance – Page 8, 9


Managers to read, understand and implement the correct procedure for each practice
Goal Posts and Corner flags are to be wiped down before, during and following the training session and/or match
Sharing of kit and equipment should be avoided. Where not possible, this is to be cleaned before reuse
All participants should bring their own drink and/or refreshment in named containers.


All practices are to be adhered to.

Social Distancing

• All participants must remain socially distanced during breaks in play, with spaced areas for equipment and refreshment storage for each individual including officials and substitutes. Coaching staff and substitutes, should, for example, spread out and avoid sharing a bench if social distancing cannot be observed. Players and officials should also observe social distancing during sin-bin instances.
• After training sessions and/or matches, participants must maintain Government-mandated social distancing for social interaction. This includes in any available changing rooms, showers, and any clubhouse facilities or other venue that participants may observe social distancing during sin-bin instances.
• After training sessions and/or matches, participants must maintain Government-mandated social distancing for social interaction. This includes in any available changing rooms, showers, and any clubhouse facilities or other venue that participants may congregate in afterwards.


FA Guidance – throughout


Social distancing should be in place before and after the session. This also includes any break in play.

No Benches to be used
Social Distancing to be in place – use of spots or cones to encourage.

Managers to request spectators to leave the ground as quickly and safely as possible with no congregating.


All practices are to be adhered to.

Treatment of Injuries

• If a participant gets injured, a member of their household can assist if present and appropriate, but others (including match officials and teammates and coaches) will still need to socially distance unless a life- or limb-threatening injury necessitates compromising guidelines to provide emergency care.
• If there is a first-aider or other medical personnel present, they should be equipped with the appropriate PPE (including face coverings) to protect themselves and others if they need to compromise social-distancing guidelines to provide medical assistance.
• After contact with an injured participant, the person who has administered first aid should clean their hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitiser at the earliest opportunity. This advice is applicable to all situations, regardless of whether there was close contact or social distancing was maintained. The first aider should also avoid touching their mouth, eyes and nose.


FA Guidance – Page 10, 11


PPE to be supplied by club to each team manager in a zipped, clear bag.

Managers and coaches who are First Aid Trained to use appropriate PPE when undertaken first aid.

When First Aid has been completed, hand sanitising and/or washing is required


All practices are to be adhered to.


• Spectator groups should be limited to 2 people per player and spread out, in line with wider government guidance
• Managers and Coaches are not included within the 2 spectator rule as they are not there to spectate, they are there for the welfare of the team.


FA Guidance
Providers of Grassroots Sport
• PinchPoint information
   o Toilets
   o Café
   o Car Park
   o Walkways to and from pitches
   o Smaller Pitches


Managers and coaches to regularly inform players and spectators of the guidance.

This is to include managers and coaches of visiting teams to be made aware prior to games


2 spectators per player are to be adhered to.

Committee to randomly observe.

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F COVID-19 FAQ, click here.



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